Table of Contents  
1. Introduction
1.1 Social media for leads
1.2 Lead magnets with paid ads
1.3 Paid campaigns
1.4 Content marketing as a source
1.5 Grow with webinars
2. Content empire blueprint
3. Marketing automation
4. Tools to ease the process  


When we talk about generating leads in a B2B company or your own business then most of us might get confused about where to start and even if you are one of the experienced individuals who have been doing this for pretty much a long time then still there is a point when the leads seem to have gotten exhaustive.

You probably may have heard of the term “LEADS” in every business whether your business is small scale or large.

Without leads, you have no business, no sales, and eventually no revenue, without that you will sink.

If you are an experienced marketer then you can understand the way getting leads for business becomes a nightmare.

Do you want to get a headache? Just Google “How to get B2B leads” and you will see a huge list of search engine results giving you the advice to be more active on social media, post two times a day or start interacting with people on multiple platforms. Do you still think it works? Then you just need to hold on to your horses because you might be getting drifted away pal.

I won’t deny that engagement on different platforms with the audience through your content is still helping many to get leads but solely depending on your content is not recommended.

Gone are those times when seeking engagement only on social media was considered the best way to attract more leads as with time, techniques have advanced and processes have been automated.

There are multiple sources where leads can be generated, such as:

  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertisements
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Traditional advertising

All the leads can be generated by leveraging any of the above sources individually or by using more than one source together for a faster and efficient approach. The former is a common way which people prefer nowadays to get leads.


We all know various digital marketing strategies for acquiring leads but getting leads from social media platforms has been the ideal way of generating leads but the problem arises when these social media platforms are not used to its full potential. A lot of individuals on these platforms have been putting out the content actively to increase their engagement with the audience but the main problem is when you are not using the power of your content to get sales.  The content on the platform helps builds your credibility among the audience and that is when you need to leverage at that moment.

The best social media platform when it comes to B2B is none other than LinkedIn. It is still considered an idle place to look for your B2B leads.

Image Source:

LinkedIn is the hub for professional people to network with each other. Either you are generating leads for your business, searching for a job, or even building your personal brand then LinkedIn is the savior for every professional need.

But no matter what platform you are using you will have to work hard on finding those leads as nothing comes on their own. Here are some steps which you need to be followed for getting quality leads

  • Optimized profile: Make sure that your profile is fully optimized before you are reaching out to your potential leads. Keep n mind that you have a professional picture, a clear headline, and a perfect bio as no one wants to add those shady unprofessional profiles. Make sure your account looks active.
  • Connect with the target audience:  Connecting with the right set of people is the only way to ideally move ahead on this platform. Start adding only relevant people to your industry/business and build credibility.
  • Build credibility:  To build trust among your connections start actively interacting with them on feed and posting out insightful and engaging content out there. It can be stories, case study, trending topics, or even your own opinion on certain topics of the industry.
  • Niche Groups: Similar to any other platform LinkedIn also provides us huge options to join groups. There are LinkedIn groups of every industry and you can go ahead and be part of niche groups where you are likely to find your potential leads.
  • Use CTA: A clear call to action and a link redirecting to your website has always been a proven formula. When you define a clear CTA people tend to follow up and get redirected to the website where we can use lead magnets to get their information and push them down the funnel.
Image Source: Sprout social


A lead magnet is anything that helps us get information such as the email, name, or contact of your potential lead in exchange for something valuable to them. This creates a barter system between the lead and the business where both are eventually gaining something from each other. With the use of lead magnets, we will be able to efficiently push down the lead into the funnel where further they can slip down to the middle, later at the bottom, and ultimately become our customer. At each stage of the sales funnel we can have different ways which will make them move down but if we only talk about a lead magnet then its main purpose is to get people into the top of the funnel.

Different types of lead magnets can be offered in exchange for information such as,

  • E-book
  • Survey Reports
  • Whitepaper
  • Checklist
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Tools
          Image Source: Intelogical design

Build a custom landing page for selling the lead magnet. A landing page is a lead capture page that may appear after a visitor clicks on a search engine result page, an email, or ads from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any marketing promotion. This page is specifically customized to attract people towards their lead magnet.

On most of the websites, you must have noticed that they offer you something valuable with a clear call to action which may sound like “Download now” or “Click here to know more”  or something like that, which will lead to a dedicated landing page where we are required to punch in our details and grab the copy.

Key elements of a landing page are: Aesthetics, Easy to navigate, Attractive headline, Points of benefit, Testimonials, Call to action, Social proof, and Personal photo.

In the above image, you can see how a website has smartly designed a landing page where they are offering people their Facebook Ad template library as a lead magnet.

Here are a few examples of things you might want people to do on your landing page:

  • Make a purchase
  • Submitting a form
  • Call you
  • Subscribe to a newsletter or email list
  • Register for an event


Whenever you generate leads it’s not always free,  sometimes you do have to spend a penny to get quality leads into your funnel. Every effort that we make can be boosted with the help of running ads through Google or Facebook which provides more control.

A good lead generation strategy must focus on getting only leads quality followed by lead quantity. If compared to other marketing strategies then paid campaigns (such as Facebook ads) help to get better targeting based on geography, demographics, and behavioral data.

All the ways discussed earlier can speed up if you are willing to spend some money. It is up to you if you are skilled enough to run those ads on your own or else you can hire a professional.

There is no different approach which is to be applied here. The only thing which needs to be followed is by creating a landing page and a lead magnet to attract them and then start running ads to make that more visible and generates awareness. The paid advertising will help you move up the ladder by getting leads from a wider target audience rather than only focusing on your pre-established user base.


  • Faster lead capture
  • Better lead quality
  • Attract audience  who don’t know about us
  • More control at each stage of the funnel
  • ROI tracking
  • Immediate traffic


If you can generate high-quality content through your blogs then it will be a constant lead magnet for you. There is always a rising demand for good quality content and if you can deliver then that builds credibility among the visitors and out of the few would like to get your services/products. These may later also become your repeat customers based on the kind of service provided.

“Blogs can be a source for content marketing but not a source for earning money”

Every single company who has an online presence are already adapting to content marketing strategy and boosting their search engine ranking by writing blogs based on their niche. Blogs help them get visibility on search engines because the Google algorithm works best if there is more content for spiders to crawl on your website based on your industry keywords.

The static homepage of any business won’t alone rank on any search engine therefore writing blogs with keyword research in your niche helps to boost the website SEO ranking.

Many other SEO factors help it rank better and gain organic traffic but here we will only be focusing on how content helps us boost our presence and attract more quality leads without paying anything.

The process to write optimized content for improved ranking:   

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Define structure
  • Keyword density
  • Title and meta description
  • Backlinks (Internal & External)


A webinar is the most used video tool which offers videos for expert discussions, brand building, and educational purpose.

After the Covid-19 pandemic webinar has come out to become the best tool for marketers and businesses. It has become a modern-day substitute for seminars and presentations.

According to a survey conducted by a company online, it has been reported that 14+ million people attend webinars daily, isn’t that figure shocking?

That figure is almost equal to the audience watching television. Just think how much traction is the webinar gaining through this period and if you are still thinking then you are missing onto some quality leads, so just jump in now and equip webinars into your marketing strategy for high-quality lead generation.

Purpose of webinars:

  • Expert discussion on specific topics
  • Brand building
  • Q&A sessions on topics
  • Learning scenario

Webinars are the most cost-effective marketing tool which can attract targeted leads in your niche. All you need is planning a topic and a good internet connection.

Why would I mention the word quality and targeted leads?

It’s not being fancy, it’s just because when you plan to host a webinar then there is always proper planning on the topic to be talked about and when you do research and finally land upon a specific topic title then that will always be a detailed and based on your niche industry, so now after seeing the webinar topic if someone still decides to attend the webinar and take out time especially for it then that person will be worth tagging under quality lead to our business.

It is also common to notice that leads to attending the webinar are more likely to convert as it is more interested in your niche.

Now based on your objective the format of the webinar can be decided whether it will be a discussion on certain topics, opinions about any trending industry scenario, tutorial topics with examples, or an interview format with an industry leader. The purpose can either be to provide value to the audience or generate qualified organic leads.

Key factors to host attracting webinar and generate more leads are:

  • Planning of topic and format
  • Design a landing page for a webinar
  • Send email reminders and updates to the registered audience
  • Start marketing to attract more audience (via social media, emails, advertisement an own network)
  • Do a trial run
  • Set webinar metrics to track your goal (leads, sales, views)

Free tools to organize webinars:

  1. Google meet: It offers easy to join and auto-reminder feature available on all platforms.
  2. Zoom:  It is multitasking and easy to use tool having screen sharing and recording options.
  3. Facebook live: It is agreat way to host public webinars but also boost up engagement on your business page.

Paid tools to organize webinars:

(Offer advanced features)

  1. Webinar ninja: Great support for CRM integrations and analytics.
  2. EZTalks: It offers great moderation flexibility and multiple hardware integrations.
  3. Click meeting: Provide live streaming options and social media promotion features.



In this content empire blueprint, we will be discussing why we should build our own content platform and followers rather than depending on social media for growth.

Everyone only suggests to go ahead and start being active on social media by putting out good content while also engaging with the audience consistently to get more followers.

But how long will this last?

No one knows the answer to that because social media platforms are not forever to stay.

The reliability on other platforms for your growth will only hurt in long run. There was a period when Facebook was among the most popular platform in terms of user engagement but we all know that it is dead now.

What happened to TikTok is a big lesson to every content creator and influencer that no one can assure when a particular platform will fade away.

As the number of content creators is rapidly increasing each day the engagement will eventually decline because users will be spoilt with choices.

If you post on any of these social media platforms then all your efforts will go wasted in the long run and that is the hard truth.

Being a content creator on any platform takes a lot of time and effort but the aim should be to build your content on your own platform and attract people on that particular platform.

But how to build your own content empire?

In the blueprint there are 3 major key elements:

  1. Your blog
  2. Your tribe
  3. Your courses
  1. Your blog: This is where you will be publishing your digital content and similar to social media platform you need to consistently create content and put up on the blog where the audience will be drawn.
  • Your tribe: The tribe is your loyal community which is built over time. Building a tribe is most important for a personal brand and everyone should focus on building their community of trustable people who support and acts as a backbone to the brand.
  • Your courses/premium content: Unlike blogs that are free content to the visitors this is your premium content that is offered to the audience at a cost. You can build courses based on your niche and start making profits. Just make sure that before providing value to others you need to be having a stronghold in that domain otherwise people will start leaving and it takes a lot of effort to build that authority among the tribe.
  • Email list: At the core of the content empire blueprint is an email list, which is the primary data warehouse of all our users. The blogs, tribe, and premium content will help to build a strong and huge email list.
  • Distribution: This is where all the content is distributed such as ebooks, live events, guest posts, search engine, and social media. The content distribution to these places will help to eventually build a huge email list as traffic from all these sources will be redirected to our blog page and further those visitors will become a part of our email list. Getting people into the email list is our only objective as the larger the list, the bigger is the tribe and better is the brand.
  • Affiliates: Using an affiliate program the premium content/courses can be promoted by your affiliates and they will be provided a commission based on the sales of those courses they make. Just keep in mind that the affiliate program can only be offered when there is something to sell,  as free content cannot bring revenue, and hence no commission can be given to affiliates. It can be anything such as premium membership, a product/service, or a course.

Many influencers and creators are not making enough money even after having a huge following on social media because they have no product or service to sell. They just consistently post the content on that platform and never realize the potential of leveraging on that content and user base.


The process of marketing automation can be done for lead generation and nurturing as well. It is like putting your marketing efforts on auto-pilot mode and relaxing while it creates seamless magic. The lead generation process can be automated in the following ways,

  1.  Email campaign automation

As soon as people are added to your email list then the automation must be triggered and they should start getting an email from you even when you are not sitting there in real-time and sending them emails.

The drip marketing campaign can be built (tools are mentioned in the next section) which starts the email automation based on certain trigger activation.

These cold emails reach out which are automated should be highly personalized and should not seem like talking to a robot. Everyone wants to feel that certain content has been specifically written for them, well everyone likes personal attention, and you should deliver it via those automated emails.

Personalized emails promise to drastically increase the open rate and click-through rate.

  • Chatbot automation

The use of chatbots for automated leads generation is still underrated but this is the tool having the maximum potential to get quality leads into your business.

If chatbots are installed on your website then it becomes 24/7 operational and can help people to have their basic query answered faster. The customers get a good service experience when they are not made to wait for long to get replies related to their query or a complaint.

Obviously, the chatbots can only handle the question only to a certain extent, and then it handovers the control to humans, but still, it improves communication with customers.

Benefits of using chatbots:

  • 24-hour communication possible
  • Instant responses
  • Quick complaint solving
  • Approachable
  • Better customer experience


The tools which I am mentioning below have been used by me for generating leads and automating email campaigns. All of these are free till certain features and few offer a free trial period also.

Lead Generation Tools:

  4. Pipedrive

Email Marketing Automation Tools:

  1. Convertkit
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Active campaign
  4. Sendfox
  5. Email octopus
  6. Mailer Lite

Landing Page Builder Tools:

  1. Elementor(WordPress)
  2. Instapage
  3. Unbounce
  4. Mailchimp
  5. Landingi
  6. Fastpage

For more premium tools on digital marketing checkout

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